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Think You Have Bed Bugs?

Follow these steps to address your bed bug problem.

  • Step 1: Don't panic and don't start throwing away your furniture or spraying chemicals everywhere. If you live in an apartment that currently has a bed bug problem, you’ll need to contact your landlord or property manager first. Your landlord might already have a contracted pest control company, and if they do not have a contracted pest control company, they will need to contact us directly.
  • Step 2: Call Enviro First Pest Services
  • Step 3: A certified technician from Enviro First will come to your residence for a visual inspection. Once properly identified, treatment by our dedicated technicians can begin as soon as the next day. NO PREP WORK IS REQUIRED BY YOU FOR OUR THERMAL X BED BUG TREATMENT.
  • Step 4: Enviro First will utilize various treatment methods to eliminate bed bug infestations in your home or complex. "Its a very effective secret procedure"
  • Step 5: After a successful treatment Enviro First technician will follow up a week later for an inspection.
  • Step 6: Three weeks after initial treatment Enviro First will complete its bed bug service with one more inspection to verify that all bed bugs have been eliminated.
  • Step 7: You rest easy Enviro First offers a 2 month warranty no extra charge if we need to come back out.

Bed Bug Facts

Bed Bugs Do Not Instantly Die At 125 degrees.

It really amazes me that other pest control companies will claim this but in fact it is not true. In all cases bed bugs will survive 125 degrees unless that temperature is held for no less then 4 hours. This is why Enviro First is decades in front of the others. We have packaged a treatment procedure that no others can match. This was possible by spending hours and hours doing the work not sitting at a desk.

Slowly Rising The Temperature

This is a practice that is set for failure and can cause the bed bugs to move away from the treatment area causing multiple visits and/or false elimination. Most thermal bed bug systems are electric that run off generators or on the homes power supply, in return they have a slow low heat value. We use low emission indirect fuel heaters for high heat fast temperature surface penetrating no surviving safe heat, along with other technical environmentally friendly methods to quickly and effectively eliminate all stages of bed bugs. NO PROBLEMS!


Seriously a bed bug infestation is a problem that will likely reoccur and continue, if not properly treated. Some businesses that have experienced severe bed bug infestations were forced to shut down, leaving costly expenses and unsolicited damages on their bottom lines. If there’s an infestation in your facility, rely on Envirofirst to provide you with long-term bed bug solutions. Envirofirst uses powerful bedbug heaters and procedures along with experienced trained technicians to help ensure that your home or facility is free from Bed Bugs. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE

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